Why to record professionally?


A great recording sets the stone for a great mix. The quality of the recording makes the biggest difference in how your song will sound in the end.


Quite often, it are just inches in microphone position, mic choice and especially the treatment of the instrument that determine


  • whether an instrument sounds "just ok, I mean I hear that it is a guitar" or just amazing!

  • whether the vocal sounds so detailed and immediate that it makes the hairs on your neck stand up.

  • whether you can really feel the drummer's performance, how he plays, how he hits the heads and how they react to his performance. 

Short things short: It determines whether you can feel the performance immediately and without any barrier between you and the music!

If one wants a "state-of-the-art" production that can compete with the big ones it is important that one can give it into experienced hands and trained ears. The recording determines whether a production sounds cheap or uncompromisingly amazing! 


Why to record with R&M?


​Because I specialize solely on the recording and mixing of music, I bring in the know-how and have an overview of the market, which enables me to be responsive individually to YOUR song and get the best out of it. I work with you to get YOUR vision achieved from the sound of your instruments itself up to the performances to get the best possible results from YOUR recordings.

You want to record?

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