I believe that we can achieve great things, if we concentrate on our nature given talents and join forces with people who offer other talents. That is the way we can create things that are bigger than we are!

I do help artists to sound in their truest version of themselves. It is not my duty to change the artists or their works. It is my very duty to reinforce and multiply the essence of their being in their music to the biggest extent possible, so that they can truly express themselves. So that their sound can live up to their artistic integrity. For that, only the best is good enough!


Because of that I focus uncompromisingly on my craft: The recording and mixing of music.


I do not deviate myself with different tasks: I do not mix live concerts which could compromise my hearing. I do not post-produce any films, commercials or audio books, do any audio restoration or even play in bands, which would cost me time in which I could not concentrate on mastering my craft further. I do not do any masterings and do not work on video. Because only if one really focuses on one's core-craft, one can achieve mastery in it.

For everything else there are specialists in our network that invest their lives to master their art. And which I would love to bring into the project, if required.


This is in what I believe. This is R&M.


Old School Recorder