Why to mix professionally?


A mediocre mix will not get better after mastering. A great mix allows an amazing end result.


To perform a great mix it requires years of experience and an intuition for what your music needs. Nowadays, everyone could technically do a mix. The difference lies in the ability to make the right decisions at the right time. All the small details that eventually form a masterpiece. Trained ears and years of perfecting this art are, what finally makes the real difference.


A great mix allows a song to reach its full potential. Great mixing


  • reinforces the aspects that make your song unique

  • reinforces emotions

  • reinforces musicality

  • reinforces dramaturgy

  • establishes dynamics and impact

  • establishes musical interplay and lets your instruments talk and dance with each other

  • creates a room for your instruments to live in

  • refines the sound of your instruments

  • makes your song accessible for a broad audience

  • allows your vision to present itself in its truest version

  • lifts your sound up to a level where it is not only competitive, but, in the best case, courageous, provocative and lets your song cut through the masses of songs that get released every day


Why mixing at R&M?


In addition to a consciousness regarding the points mentioned, there are several other reasons to mix at R&M:

  • Because I solely specialize on the recording and mixing of pop, rock and metal I bring a certain know-how and overall view of the market to the table, which enables me to really be responsive to YOUR song individually.

  • Thanks to my young age I am very flexible and open minded regarding modern music aesthetics as well as older ones. I don't have any prejudices and can focus on what YOUR SONG needs.

You want to mix your songs?

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